Bold. Blunt. Unafraid.

Bold. Blunt. Unafraid.

Second GOP Debate in:

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Why Chris Christie?

Because he fights for what really matters.

  • Corruption: As U.S. Attorney, Christie won 130 political corruption cases in New Jersey and across the globe.
  • Taxes: As governor, he vetoed more tax hikes than any governor in American history, repealing the estate tax and capping property taxes.
  • Crime: Gov. Christie’s efforts overhauling the Camden Police Department, led to a significant reduction in crime in what was once the most dangerous city in America - the murder rate has dropped by 74%.
  • Children: Gov. Christie successfully tracked down and prosecuted child traffickers and pornographers.
  • Opioid Crisis: Gov. Christie led national commission to strengthen federal response to drug addiction and the opioid crisis
  • A Conservative Winner: Chris Christie is the only candidate who’s won again and again as pro-life governor in a Deep Blue state.

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