ICYMI: Governor Chris Christie Tells It Like It Is In Primetime

Last night, Governor Chris Christie joined Fox News and CNN in primetime as he continues to make his case for the presidency.

Governor Christie took Trump to task for his mounting legal woes and offered a sharp rebuke of “Bidenomics."

Take a look at some of the highlights:


“Cheapest Person I Ever Met In My Life”

“The Consummate Show-Off”

“We Should Have Debates And Everyone Should Be There”

Since entering the race three weeks ago, Governor Christie is gaining steam – a new poll from St. Anselm College has Governor Christie in third place in New Hampshire. This is the third consecutive poll showing the governor in this position, ahead of multiple candidates who have been in the race longer than him.

In a recent article, Chris Cillizza discussed the growing momentum behind Governor Christie’s campaign noting: “History suggests that someone will emerge from the pack of single digit contenders to make a mark in one of the early states. Right now that candidate looks like Christie.”

Each day, Governor Christie gets closer to the required 40,000 individual donors needed to qualify for the debate.

If you haven’t already, consider chipping in $1 to make sure Governor Christie is on the debate stage to make his case.

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