Tell It Like It Is PAC Releases First TV Ad: “Qualified”

Tell It Like It Is PAC Releases First TV Ad: “Qualified”
On Heels Of Indictments, Spot Directly Calls Out Former President

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, Tell It Like It Is PAC released its first television ad of the 2024 presidential election. Entitled “Qualified,” the 30 second spot will air statewide on broadcast and cable in New Hampshire and across digital platforms.

The ad features clips of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at his kickoff town hall in New Hampshire taking direct aim at former president Donald Trump. Christie argues that it’s time for Americans to elect a serious president who is qualified to confront the challenges facing our nation. 

“The latest round of indictments serve as another reminder that the Republican Party needs a new direction,”  said Colin Reed, senior adviser for Tell It Like It Is PAC. “To turn the page on the Biden presidency, the GOP needs a qualified leader.  Governor Christie is ready to serve the American people on day one, and Tell It Like It Is will be making that case directly to voters.”



Governor Chris Christie: It's time for us to stop believing that Donald Trump is qualified to be president of the United States. 

These are real problems that real serious people need to solve by putting your interests first, not their own.

I promise you, I will always show up. And I will always listen. 

But you'll never, ever, ever, ever have to wonder whether I hear you. And whether everything I do, I believe, is in my heart, and in my mind, is the best thing for our country. 

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