Tell It Like It Is PAC Releases New TV Ad: “Trump’s Choice”

Tell It Like It Is PAC Releases New TV Ad: “Trump’s Choice”
The Ad Frames Trump As Either A “Chicken” Or A “Loser” No Matter What He Decides

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, Tell It Like It Is PAC released a new television advertisement challenging Donald Trump to attend the upcoming GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee this August. Entitled “Trump’s Choice,” the :60 second spot will air on cable and across digital platforms.

The spot, which includes footage of a 2004 SNL skit of Trump dancing alongside chickens, comes on the heels of Governor Chris Christie announcing that he surpassed the required 40,000 donor threshold set by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Since launching his presidential run, Governor Christie has been adamant that Republican primary voters deserve a chance to hear all of the candidates on the debate stage. Donald Trump however, thinks differently and has threatened to skip the first two debates.

“Trump’s Choice”


VO: We know what’s in your head, Donald.

Now that Chris Christie has qualified, should you show up to the debate?

Because if you do – your opponents will bring up the impeachments, the indictments.

Bring up how you lost to Joe Biden, lost the House, lost the Senate.

They will remind everyone you didn’t build that big, beautiful wall, and not one peso from Mexico.

That instead of balancing the budget – you increased it by six trillion.

That you never repealed Obamacare.

Because that’s what they’ll say if you show up, especially that guy Christie.

But if you don’t go - you’ll be called a coward, a chicken.

Reduced to throwing spitballs from the sidelines.

So, Donald, you need to decide, are you a chicken or just a loser?

Tell It Like It Is PAC is responsible for the content of this advertisement.