GOP Debate Key Takeaway: Chris Christie: Direct, Honest, Can Beat Joe Biden

GOP Debate Key Takeaway: Chris Christie: Direct, Honest, Can Beat Joe Biden

Last night on the debate stage Governor Chris Christie made his case to Republican Party primary voters by answering the questions directly and telling the truth.

He focused on the issues and was the only candidate to make the compelling argument that in order to defeat Joe Biden in November 2024, we must move on from Donald Trump.

“He displayed the traits and qualities that made him successful in New Jersey during his early years in office. He gave articulate, intelligent responses but was fearless and aggressive in a non-offensive or pompous manner.”

“Quite frankly, Christie looked like a conservative Republican who could defeat Joe Biden and take on the toxic left-wing politicians in the Democratic Party.”

-Christopher Tremoglie, 8/24/23

One thing was made clear in the first GOP debate: no candidate bested Chris Christie in both form & substance. Judge for yourself with these debate moments:

Zinger Of The Night: “Sounds Like ChatGPT, Amateur Like Obama”


James Hohmann, The Washington Post: “…Chris Christie scored a Marco Roboto style hit when he turned that Obama line back on him like jujitsu.”

Chris Christie: Stand For The Constitution


The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: “Even if GOP voters think, rightly, that Democrats are using prosecution as a political weapon, tens of millions also know in their hearts that Mr. Christie is right.”

Best Answer To The Dumbest Question


Clay Travis: “That was a phenomenal answer from Chris Christie to the UFO question. I guarantee no one prepped for that. On his feet, fantastic pivot. Probably his best moment of the night.”

Profile In Courage

Tim Carney, Washington Examiner: "Whether or not you think the criminal charges are right or wrong, the conduct is beneath the office of the President of the United States.’ Amen, Chris Christie.”

A Conservative Governor From A Blue State

Frank Luntz: Chris Christie gave the perfect electability argument in his closing statement. No one else can make that argument.  #GOPDebate