Christie Super PAC Releases New TV Ad Stressing Need For American Leadership: “Dangerous World”

Christie Super PAC Releases New TV Ad Stressing Need For American Leadership: “Dangerous World”
Includes Courtroom Footage Of Trump

ARLINGTON, VA — With foreign affairs front and center, Tell It Like It Is PAC released its latest television ad of the 2024 cycle. Entitled “Dangerous World,” the :30 second spot is a six-figure buy that will air statewide in New Hampshire on broadcast and cable and across digital platforms in New Hampshire and South Carolina.  

Released one day after Governor Christie filed his paperwork for the New Hampshire primary and one day before he attends a town hall meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, the ad includes footage of Christie’s trip to Ukraine this summer where he visited with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as well as footage from a previous trip to Israel where he met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The ad also includes a shot of former president Donald Trump sitting in a Manhattan courtroom on October 2, 2023 during the opening day of the New York civil case against him and his company.

The spot emphasizes the failings of both the Biden and Trump foreign policy record.  Biden oversaw the catastrophic surrender in Afghanistan, while Trump’s isolationist views will only embolden our enemies. Governor Christie has stated, “When America leaves the leadership of the world the despots of the world—the Taliban, Putin, the Mullahs, China & North Korea fill the vacuum. Chaos and violence are the result.”

“Dangerous World”


VO: In a dangerous world, America must lead. 

And our next president must be up to the challenge, Not distracted by personal issues. 

Experienced -  with a proven record of strong leadership.   

To stand up for democracy, the rule of law.

Abroad, and at home.

 A president who can govern and isn’t afraid of the truth.

 Chris Christie, President.

 Tell It Like It Is Pac is responsible for the content of this advertisement.