Trump’s China Envy vs. Christie’s Truth Matters

Trump’s China Envy vs. Christie’s Truth Matters


Trump Praises China’s Communist Dictator


“’Can you imagine President Xi of China — powerful guy — they hate when I say that, ‘Oh, you say nice things’ … He controls 1.4 billion people rather ruthlessly, right? Can you imagine when he sees this guy walk into an office?’”

–Donald Trump, Durham, NH, 12/16

Christie Tells The Truth


“In the state last weekend, [TRUMP]  talked about ... the brilliance of President of President Xi of China. Do you know why he said he was so brilliant? He said, because he rules 1.4 billion people with an iron fist ...I can’t believe that in the Live Free or Die state, you all would vote for guy who thinks the head of the Chinese Communist Party is a great guy because he dominates 1.4 billion with an iron fist.”

– Chris Christie, Town Hall, 12/19