WATCH: Chris Christie Makes Rounds On TV After Surging In Polls

In his trademark bold, blunt, and unafraid style, Governor Christie discussed the big issues facing the country, including the economy, immigration, and entitlement reform, while differentiating …

National Review: Chris Christie Hits Candidates Who Won’t Take On Trump: ‘They’re Afraid of Him’

Appearing in a CNN town hall Monday, Chris Christie hit his Republican rivals who are afraid to take on Trump, asking, “How do you beat someone if you won’t talk about him? How do you beat them if you …

Tell It Like It Is PAC Releases First TV Ad: “Qualified”

Today, Tell It Like It Is PAC released its first television ad of the 2024 presidential election. Entitled “Qualified,” the 30 second spot will air statewide on broadcast and cable in New Hampshire …

Fox News: Potential 2024 Republican presidential contender moves a step closer to launching a campaign

Allies of Chris Christie launch a super PAC, a key step ahead of a likely 2024 Republican presidential campaign by the former New Jersey governor

New York Times: Chris Christie Gets a Super PAC Ahead of His Likely 2024 Bid

The former governor of New Jersey, who has been at times both a confidant and a rival of Donald Trump, will have some outside help in his effort to win the Republican primary.

National Review: Chris Christie's Straight Talk

As the governor toys with jumping into the race, he stands out as a call to ditch the spectacle of the Trumpian establishment... in a field of echoes, his voice is impossible to ignore.